Our highest priority in developing players is to work with them at their level—and to reward them with opportunities suited to their abilities and effort.

Training Approach

Team Coaches at all levels within an age band work alongside their Age Group Head Coach to support player development. We use the phrase “minutes matter” to describe our approach: If, for example, players aren’t seeing a lot of playing time, we look for supplementary development opportunities for them to guest play with other rosters in the same age band in order to maintain progress. Likewise, players excelling on a lower roster can earn time playing with higher rosters as their development calls for.

Coaching Framework

In our commitment to offering youth the best development opportunities, Oregon Surf looks at coaching as a professional endeavor committed to continuous improvement. Here’s how it works:

Every Oregon Surf team, no matter the level, has a Team Coach. This is the coach who is expected to show up for every training, every match, and every tournament. The Team Coach works in concert with the Age Group Head Coach, who is more broadly responsible for the development of a particular age group of boys or girls within the club—and who also shows up for key games throughout the age band. The Age Group Head Coach is guided by the Director of Coaching, and the entire coaching team aligns to the vision set by the Technical Director to ensure a unified style and approach to the game across all age groups and levels of play.