Upcoming Tryouts

You should attend the tryout that corresponds with your birth year and desired level of play.  If you are interested in our ECNL including our ECNL RL programming please attend those specific tryout sessions.  Please see our website for program overview information to determine which tryout is best for you.  https://oregonsurf.org/program-overview/

Yes, your registration fee covers the player for both ECNL and Competitive tryouts.

Please wear a white shirt, black shorts, and black socks for tryouts – no club/HS branding.  It is important that all players adhere to this requirement.  Upon check-in you will receive a number, please pin that number on the left or right side of the front of your shorts.  Please Keep/re-wear the tryout number issued to you on your first tryout day for day two of tryouts.

No, it is not required to attend both tryout days but it is strongly encouraged that you make every effort to be there both days in order to be properly placed on a team.

Please arrive 30-45 minutes before your scheduled start time to check in and warm up.  There will be minimal warm up time during the actual tryout.  It is strongly advised that you give yourself plenty of time to check in, attach your number and warm up before each session.

Please attend the tryout for your specific birth year.  Be sure to let the coaches know that your player is interested in playing up at another age group.  If you have any questions prior to tryouts please reach out to the age group head coach for your birth year.

24/25 Programming

Our organization utilizes the THPRD facilities across Beaverton, OR for both training and home games. All teams train a minimum of 2 evenings per week throughout the year – either Monday + Wednesday or Tuesday + Thursday. Our organization’s goal is to be as consistent as possible in relation to staying on either a Monday + Wednesday or Tuesday + Thursday set up. Teams will not know the training schedule dates, times, and locations until after tryouts and rosters have been formed.  Please note that in addition to THPRD facilities,  our girls program does utilize LaSalle High School for training purposes.  Please see our website for more information  https://oregonsurf.org/program-overview/

Yes, new uniforms will be required for our upcoming 24/25 season (Summer 2024).  Current uniforms will be worn until players go through tryouts in May.  We acknowledge that this will be an off-cycle investment for families, however we are working hard to keep costs to a minimum as we make this transition. Surf Uniform cycles are different from what is currently done at NWE. Training kits will be replaced annually, and one uniform (home or away) will be replaced each year. This is in an effort to spread uniform costs over multiple years rather than once every 2-years.  We will switch to a new online vendor called Soccer Post. Soccer Post has a warehouse in Las Vegas for quick shipping and order fulfillment. The plan at this point is to keep our current jersey sponsors regardless of where we order, or the frequency in which we order.  Please attend our upcoming town hall for more information regarding uniforms.

No, Players will be responsible for paying tournament registration fees based on their tournament schedule.

After careful consideration of our operational costs, we have decided to streamline our pricing structure, particularly within the older age group. This strategic decision allows us to continue providing top-notch programming and services, ensuring that every participant receives the highest quality experience possible. Despite the adjustment, we remain committed to offering valuable opportunities for growth and development, including drop-in training sessions and additional player development programs during the high school season.

In comparing this year’s pricing with last year’s, you’ll notice a modest increase of $100 for the comparable 9-month plan. We want to emphasize that this adjustment is necessary for us to maintain the level of excellence you’ve come to expect from us while also allowing for continued growth and improvement.

No, all travel related expenses are separate from our registration fees.   Travel expenses vary by team and age group.

We have combined our Future Stars program with our Development Academy.  This allows for better coordination between the entire U5-U10 age group. Please see our website for more information regarding our Development Academy.   https://oregonsurf.org/program-overview/

General Club Information

Surf Nation is a network of 56 highly competitive clubs spread across North America. Established in 1977, Surf Nation is today represented in all major domestic leagues in this part of the world and provides a player development pathway from grassroots through Surf Select, a national identification program that brings the best players together locally, regionally, and nationally.

The main benefit of joining Surf is increased playing opportunities. Whether it’s participation in the Surf Select Program, additional local and travel tournaments, or guest play with other teams in the Surf family, this change will offer something new at all levels of play. Surf also provides valuable coaching support, which will directly enhance your child’s experience at trainings and games.

Yes, this is one of the huge benefits of aligning with Surf. Our Competitive and Elite teams will get opportunities to play in Surf tournaments. Other Surf teams are frequently looking for players to join them for tournaments across the country, so you could also find an opportunity to play in new environments if you desire that.

Surf provides coaching curriculum and tools to support our entire coaching staff. These new assets create a set of resources that we can use to expand and develop our own club training programs. In addition, the change to Surf will generate new coaching opportunities outside of Oregon and enable our coaches to bring that knowledge back to our players.

The Surf Player Pathway is a proven development track that provides additional opportunities for growth. At its culmination, the Pathway will provide a selection of our players opportunities to play with talented kids from across the country. Players will start at the local level, participating in regional camps across Oregon and the Northwest that identify the best of the best in Oregon. Players are then selected to attend a national camp, where they can earn placement on a national Surf Select team or an International Surf Select team–which play in national tournaments and give players a chance to play outside of the US.

Right away. In fact, we sent 26 younger players to the Surf National ID camp in San Diego this past February. We will actively involve our teams/players in Surf Select events as soon as they are available. The upcoming Surf Select identification process will begin in the summer of 2024.

Surf provides the tools and the local club continues to run the club in the best interest of its players and families. Surf simply enables clubs like ours to leverage their resources to move faster and to develop an even better club experience.

The Surf Player Pathway is designed for all levels within the club. Any player interested in the Surf Select program is welcome to try out. For the Competitive side of the club specifically, we expect these teams to have opportunities to play in Surf-related tournaments. And we will take advantage of Surf’s proven coaching methods and tools to help teams at all levels thrive–a direct benefit to all players.

This is not simply a rebrand. This is a strategic partnership with one of the largest soccer brands in the country. Surf resources and player opportunities are the main driver for us. Connecting with a larger network of players and coaches enables us to provide a stronger, more effective pathway to our members.

Teams will only change per the outcome of tryouts, as normal Surf Nation will not determine our team structure for the 2024/2025 season. All team and roster decisions will be managed at the local-club (Oregon Surf) level.

Yes!  We are excited about what this partnership will mean for ALL our players, including those competing within ECNL.

The change to Surf will not directly or immediately drive coaching changes. As normal, coaching assignments can shift post-tryouts, but Surf Nation will not determine our team structure for the 2024/2025 season. All team and roster decisions will be managed at the local-club (Oregon Surf) level. Coaching assignments will be announced starting in April.

We will send a letter to all college coaches in our network to inform them of the change. We will also provide players sample letters to use in communication with colleges they are interested in.

The rebrand will start immediately, however our uniforms and registered team names with our current leagues will not change until spring season concludes and we have completed 24/25 tryouts.

Fee increases will not be driven by our relationship with Surf. We continue to analyze our fee structure to ensure we are able to cover our costs and ensure a top-quality experience. Our goal is always to minimize cost increases for member families (though some factors, such as field costs and inflation are out of our control).

Yes and no. The change to Surf will give both Competitive and Elite teams an opportunity to participate in fellow Surf Club tournaments and the Surf Select process.

Oregon Surf will be a non-profit. We will leverage the established brand, educational resources, and training methodologies of Surf at our discretion, and our operation will remain locally operated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This means we will maintain full access to THPRD facilities and eligibility for OYSA programming.

Our partnership with Surf will not impact our current field space. We are working with THPRD and other facilities to secure proper field space for our teams. Field space is at a premium in our area and it is something we will continue to work on as we grow.

First of all this is a partnership and not an acquisition.  Surf receives a fee from Oregon Surf to license the name, systems and coaching curriculum.  As stated above, fee increases will not be driven by the Surf partnership.  We continue to analyze our fee structure to ensure we are able to cover our costs and ensure a top-quality experience. Our goal is always to minimize cost increases for member families (though some factors, such as field costs and inflation are out of our control).

There will be no change to the current team structure as a result of this announcement.  As we head into the 24/25 season we will hold tryouts as we have done in previous years.  Please see our website for 24/25 tryout information.  

Yes, after the tryout and registration process is complete we will provide opportunities for our players to try on sample kits prior to ordering. 

Oregon Surf players will have the opportunity to be identified by NW Regional surf coaches throughout the course of the 24/25 season.  Once the regional selections are completed the players will move to the national selection process which is held in February.  National Surf Select coaches from multiple regions participate in the identification of players for these national teams.

Our partnership with Surf does not impact our current relationship with high school programming. 

Surf Nation provides tools for the Surf community to utilize, however there is no mandate from Surf Nation to use specific coaching structures.  As Oregon Surf, we not only get access to these tools we get the benefit of learning and collaborating with other Surf clubs on best practices.  We can choose to implement these tools as we see fit.