Oregon Surf is proud to be the only club in the state that offers soccer programming at all levels of play, creating a continuous development path from end to end.

Junior Surf Pre-Academy U5-U7

Designed for development in the earliest years of play, this U5-U7 program lays the groundwork of soccer fundamentals—such as movement within the boundaries of a field, rules of play, basic ball mastery, 1v1 ability, and having a great time with friends and developing a love for the game. There is no league play and minimal weekend commitment at this level.

Development Academy U8-U10

League play begins at this level with programming facilitated by OYSA in the Portland Metro area. Teams in the U8-U10 age groups deepen their understanding of the game’s key elements, accelerate decision making, learn about attacking and defending transitions, and how to communicate on the field.  Continued ball mastery, agility, use of body positioning, and small group concepts are introduced.


Some players will enjoy this level of play from U11-U19, competing in the Portland Metro area and local/regional tournaments against other select club teams. Teams at this level go through an annual tryout process and develop through a progressive coaching methodology toward increasingly higher levels of play.


Select U11-U12 players in this advanced pool, train and compete at a higher level than their Competitive counterparts in preparation for eventual entry into a regional league (“RL”) at the U13 age. OYSA league play at one of the top levels (“Premier Silver” or “Premier Gold”), higher cost due to more trainings per week, and a wider travel range for tournaments are to be expected at this level.


The most advanced U11-U12 players train and compete at a level one step higher than their “RL” friends, preparing for entry into a national league (“NL”) at the U13 age. These highly selective, higher-cost teams train a minimum of 3 days per week, compete in top OYSA league divisions, and attend at least 2 Northwest tournaments and 1 national showcase tournament annually.


From ages U13-U19, teams at this level are largely composed of players who’ve made their way up through the pre-ECNL-RL path and truly love the game of soccer. Continuous, advanced development comes through demanding trainings, local and regional (i.e. out-of-state) league play, and annual participation in at least 2 national showcase tournaments.


At this “highest” level of play in the country, elite players in the U13-U19 age groups train at least 3 days per week with our most accomplished coaches—in preparation for national league matches throughout the Northwest region and up to 3 national showcase tournaments per year. Composed of the very best players in our club, these teams frequently graduate players on to D1 college rosters and other pre-professional opportunities.