Junior Surf Pre-Academy (U5-U7)

Published On: May 12th, 2024

Junior Surf Pre-Academy (U5-U7)

The Junior Surf Pre-Academy at Oregon Surf emphasizes a comprehensive approach to nurturing young soccer players. Our program prioritizes the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of players, alongside fostering social skills. All training sessions are tailored to each age group, aligning with developmental milestones to establish a strong foundation before progressing to the next level. Our primary goal is to instill a passion for the game within each participant.

Junior Surf Pre-Academy Sessions:

This program offers 2 training sessions per week. We encourage players to attend at least one training session per week, allowing for flexibility based on your player’s needs.

Session Dates
Summer Session #1
Jun 3rd – July 26th (not including July 4th week)
Fall Session Aug 12th to Oct 25th
Spring Session 2025 Feb 3rd, 2025 to April 18th, 2025


In addition to our annual package, we will offer seasonal packages (Summer, Fall and Spring) to suit the needs of the individual player and their family.

Annual Package: $925 includes all three Sessions (10% savings over seasonal packages)

Seasonal Packages: $350 per session (Summer, Fall, Spring)

Additional costs:  Training kits $86

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